Great starts, where boundaries are overcome

trendvektor provides extensive guidance on complex decisions. The idea is to simplify technical and organizational contexts and the ongoing monitoring of trends, markets, and settings.

So streams are tracked and formative patterns identified in order to understand how they can change society. There are opportunities and risks illuminated, conceived ergonomic solutions, developed templates and develop feasible ideas for relevant increase acceptance.

What trendvektor can do for you


By regularly monitoring changing market impulses, tendencies and behaviors manufactures trendvektor relevant connections and derives approaches for today's or future action.


To be sustainable, market-oriented behavior patterns to detect more agile and mobilize possible success potential better, sets trend vector to a close networking and the joint acquisition of knowledge.


trendvektor proposes solutions that are convincing from a user perspective and provides technological and creative orientation with perspective to help companies make smart decisions faster.


As a conductor accompanies and controls trendvektor every step planned implementation under the respective bodies skillful participation. The individual steps and the necessary resources are monitored and reflected.