Solid design, that appeal to all the senses

Design is more than just the pure styling and accommodates a large number of aspects that go far beyond the outward form and color addition. Strategically considered and implemented understand it is one of the strongest means to convince customers and delight.

The trendvektor design system uses a visual language that everyone understands immediately at any age. A design scheme of logical associations, simple geometries, emotional colors and matching images that captured the imagination and evokes empathy, transported in addition to pure information and the story behind it.

As trendvektor can style your world

Brand design

Brands are more than a logo or a trademark. They are a sense, a world of experience and an attractive promise. trend vector developed in addition to pure symbolism, the name or slogan and a distinctive look with emotional story.

Identity design

To develop a visual identity that is reflected on the basis of identity, personality and core values of a company at all levels and in all media, is the claim of the design process a visual identity made by trendvektor.

Interaction design

To achieve a highly attractive and user acceptance, trendvektor analyzed and designed intuitive and functional user interfaces for application software, websites and apps.The results are optimally, ergonomic and responsive applications matched to business processes.

Design system

To ensure a uniform and recognizable appearance across all media, created trendvektor special design systems with clear design rules, a uniform color scheme and a defined imagery, strengthen the brand image and personality as well as the DNA code of course translate.

Media design

trendvektor styles the entire range of reproducible media and makes every idea visible. Purpose-oriented and excellent conversions for print media, digital or audiovisual projects incur as a one-stop.

Packaging design

For products on an emotional level accordingly tempted to act and stand out clearly from the competition, trendvektor designed visual, tactile and visually-looking product experiences with charisma.

Object design

Facilities will be actively experienced and animated individually. trendvektor developed creative design ideas for rooms, fairs and exhibitions, created unique pieces that deal with their functionality and aesthetics corresponding accents, attract attention, inspire and motivate.

Informational design

An impressive visualization is the first step towards better representation of an idea. Based on the latest 2D, 3D tools every stylistic requirement is trend vector grown. Even the most complex subjects can be explained clearly.