The stage is set, for moving moments

Exhibitions and events are only unique experiences when the interplay between live communication, environment, dramaturgy and overall staging agrees.

Effective and accessible, live up to the audience trendvektor staged captivating events of all kinds. Visitors and guests are taught so authentic experiences and relationships clarifies that arouse positive and pleasant emotions. Creative ideas, organizational skills and a meticulous director plan with the appropriate details ensure the smooth running.

What trendvektor can staged for you


With experience and feeling for people and companies trendvektor developing special event concepts. From the initial idea, the right atmosphere, the choice of content and artists on the exact planning of processes, the catering to the final implementation trendvektor thinks of every detail of the program design.

Location management

Matched to the dramaturgy trendvektor examined the suitable location with ideal conditions, a pleasant atmosphere and offers complete packages for excellently staged events. With organizational and negotiating skills were the items will be posted within budget to your liking.


Based on the dramaturgy trendvektor takes care at all organizational measures, areas and details. Whether artist booking, decorations, logistics, regulatory requirements, accommodation, meals, seating, or the development of creative media packets such as invitations, mailings, programs to rework any kind complies by trendvektor with all tasks.

Event services

In addition to the perfect organization and detailed planning the personal attention of local events is of course. In the process trendvektor directs and conducts all players invisibly in the background and makes the day of the event for a precisely timed overall director. So you can enjoy the event with your guests undisturbed.