Perfect in form, produced at the highest level

Besides design trendvektor sets from the beginning great importance to the feasibility and subsequent execution of all objects and media. Each project is accompanied seamlessly from order through production to the final product with passion and assured quality. The ultimate goal here is to manage your budget as optimally as possible.

A comprehensive, proven supplier pool and its modern production techniques give your ideas a real dimension. Of course, trendvektor likes to operate also along with your preferred suppliers.

What trendvektor can realize for you

Production execution

From the idea to the professional and material timely completion and on-time delivery plans, organizes and handles trendvektor all power steps. Extensive knowledge in various production processes ensure this a targeted adaptation of the design to the possibilities of the production process.

Project management

During the whole implementation process trendvektor is present with his experience and ensures that the transition from development to implementation goes smoothly. To achieve the desired Project aim, the entire design and production process is meticulously planned, driven, evaluated and monitored.

Web- and System development

trendvektor developed CMS-based mobile applications as well as special components and systemic solutions for technical challenges with content sophisticated experiences.To serve various stakeholders with the relevant information, software, information and business goals combined by trendvektor to digital products with attractive user functions.

Data handling

Already at the data creation standards compliance and consideration of production-relevant parameters is important. As an interface between data supplier and producer trendvektor adjusted different files, transferred data to other formats, produces reproducible templates and high-resolution production datas and checks the process-wise, technical parameters.