Relevant pillars of the creativity

In order to master complex challenges in its stride, the trendvektor principle of operation and methodology is fundamentally different from the standard. In addition to temporary suburban services, workshops, research and various analysis techniques networking contexts, objectives and settings with creative skills are key pillars.


The trend screening opened customers new perspectives and ways of looking at their business environment and delivers valuable impulses. The tight interdigitation of observation and participation to the recent findings of the trend and future research and the identification of flows solutions are devised, developed templates and develop feasible ideas.

iteration method

New technologies and new marketing formats are not only a challenge for agencies, but also for customers. In a process of multiple repetition and experimental experimentation same or a similar pattern and options explored the iterative way to approach a solution or goal.



trendvektor works not only as a traditional service provider, but also as an external employee at the customer's site. By task- or project-based operation on a temporary basis customers have no risk as an employer. Considering staff shortages, companies can rely on maximum creativity with clearly calculable costs and defined performance specifications.

information analysis

Facts, figures and statements are the substance of the dialogue. Using special methods of analysis trendvektor extracted and structured the really important content. Mit speziellen Analyseverfahren extrahiert und strukturiert trendvektor die wirklich wichtigen Inhalte. At this juncture statements are condensed, facts and data standardized and develops holistic Nomenclature. The results are the basis for communication.


In the trendvektor image office is all about realities. timo supports customers clear, convincing and intelligible represent complex issues and technical relationships visually. The result is stylish illustrations, infographics or exciting visualizations.