Well thought out from the beginning with passion

Companies, brands and products must be perceived as independent personalities. To inspire them rely on to tell stories that fascinate and offer guidance internally and externally. Only the myths and legends create an identification and determine the success or failure in the market.

trendvektor developing integrated, visual, technical and strategic concepts, independent identities and create plans and stories for all divisions and business units.

What trendvektor can develop for you

Information strategy

Announcements and statements are then attractive and useful, if they are of interest to a target audience, provide solutions or explain facts. trendvektor supports the process to identify interesting topics and contents, to collect data and facts, categorize and evaluate information and to compress in order to derive the relevant embassies.

Interaction concepts

Who can understand actions, is able to express themselves, to control information or exchange ideas. trendvektor detected, plans and develops together with you mutual and concerted actions of the content, technology and relationship level that remain in memory and can be detected quickly.

Identity concepts

A distinctive identity with personality has become an important reference point for all stakeholders. trendvektor developed and elaborated valueable views, visions and attitudes towards life, formulated a separate identity with substance and created next to the formal brand guidelines for cross-visual implementation of brand identity in words and pictures.

Product strategy

In addition to the conceptual framework established trendvektor matching the story, so that products or services also tell stories attractive and deliver what they promise. The core idea is emphasized, which is based on the offer and demonstrated customer, you can do so Great to thereby find solutions to their world.

Media concepts

Based on the planning process more creative and individual awareness, structured and linked trendvektor the perfect performance of technical, editorial or advertising information in a variety of media and across all channels.

Technology strategy

To recognize major trends and strategic options by new trends early trendvektor thinking regularly about digital solutions of tomorrow. The approaches and options that can be implemented today, tiles immediately into joint projects. Sustainability, scalability and cost are always taken into account.