Everything scrutinize to see things differently

Starting from the initial focus on design, desktop publishing, advertising and Internet trendvektor itself developed over the years to a creative idea cell with interdisciplinary spectrum.

Driven by projects, tasks and solution requirements service modules have been created, which not only conceptualize different medias and projects or design and realize them, but primarily illuminate relationships, examine developments and innovationsas well tracking future trends. The insights gained, new impulses and pioneering guidance for complex decisions.

trendvektor is an independent and free specialist who pursued the idea to design everything one, what you can design. Knowledge and expertise from over 10 years of professional and consulting experience in a variety of contexts and industries as well as the ability to grasp complex situation, analyze processes, represent and implement a solution-oriented characterize the operation.

To explore new and different ways for the unexpected attention will be kept awake to explore new and different ways. The ability to be always new surprised to try things, even if this leads to a dead end, are one of the trendvektor component of the development process.

It is all about, not to believe everything to know, because no one knows as much as all. Additional synergies through task-based partnerships and a freelancer pool enhance the instruments of the trendvektor implementation expertise for your projects.

Since 2003, trendvektor questioned the world of media, products and target groups to compress information and to unify, standardize processes, to make complex to use and enrich companies with new impulses as well ideas.

Your trendvektor Playmaker


Digital media designer (CCI),
Business administration specialist advertising (AfK),
Usability Engineering Expert (TH),
UXD - Certified UX Design Specialist

Experience potential
– 4 years Employee print process
– 4 years Manager interactive Division
– 2 years Marketing Manager
– 4 years Fair-/Eventmanager
– 6 years Consultant digital communication
– German Multimedia-Award